My leadership cheatsheet

Writing down ideas and links to articles and found ressources.

Aug 05, 2018 · 610 words

Seeking the right role for an Entrepeneur

“My company felt like an unmanned car, slowly swerving into the ditch only to be pulled back — usually by me — at the last second.”

“Many CEO’s forget this and get stuck in sales, marketing, product — whatever part of the business they love — while they ignore the bigger picture. An exceptional leader builds a company that functions without them.”

Focusing on


“Instead of getting stuck making the pies, I’m writing the recipes, and that lets me focus on growing and improving my business instead of trying to maintain it.”

Keep safe area - Leader eat last.

Be leader that people choose to follow (not authoritatry leader people have to follow)

“We call them leaders because they go first. We call them leaders because they take the risk before anybody else does. We call them leaders because they will choose to sacrifice so that their people may be safe and protected and so their people may gain, and when we do, the natural response is that our people will sacrifice for us. They will give us their blood and sweat and tears to see that their leader’s vision comes to life, and when we ask them, “Why would you do that? Why would you give your blood and sweat and tears for that person?” they all say the same thing: “Because they would have done it for me.” And isn’t that the organization we would all like to work in?”

Performance review

Notes from a conference “Jusqu’où peut-on partager le leadership - 31 mai 2018 15h30”

La vérité sur la direction


  1. Remapper les types d’entreprise (rouge, orange, ambre …) et avoir une cheatsheet
  2. Pourquoi cherche-t-on tous la responsabilité ? Tout le monde aime avoir des responsabilité
    1. Mettre tout en place (contexte, moyen, vision, marge de manoeuvre) pour que chacun prenne de la responsabilité
  3. Looking back and ask ourself questions on business/leadership decisions : “Pourquoi et comment a-t-on acheté une table de ping-pong à l’agence”
  4. Transformation des leaders sinon la transformation n’a pas lieu
  5. Aucune décision qui impacte une personne sans la personne concernée
  6. Revoir les méthodes de vote, droits de véto explicite à chaque décision
  7. Comment gérer la documentation de tout ça …
  8. Knowledge management is KEY

Be careful with objectives OKR traps