How and why asking for help

Leadership tips on asking for help

Sep 23, 2018 · 166 words

Asking for help is fine

We tend to not ask for help. Usually because it transmit the idea of a weak person. It may expose our weakness right. But human being likes to help and saying you need some help is a good honest gesture. Because you can’t do everything alone right.

3 reinforcements that helps to get buys-in

  1. Being part of the group is something you have to consider when asking for help. Emphasis to being part of this team with past experience, common goal and interest.
  2. Positive attitude toward the person you request help. Telling her she’s the right person to help.
  3. Efficience and impact is really important. Make sure to communicate the result of the help.

What helpers needs to know/understand

Also when asking for help you have to make sure the person you ask :

  1. Understand that you need help.
  2. Understand that you want some help.
  3. Being concerned by the subject (feeling responsible).
  4. Being skilled to help.

Source : HBR issue 2018/11