About dat:// to a distributed Web


Aug 08, 2018 · 124 words

First I saw tweets about beaker browser so I installed it and then forget it. Then I saw this talk Imagine This: A Web Without Servers by Tara Vancil at JSConf EU 2018. And I remembered again. dat:// a protocol to allow a P2P web to exist. A concept of a fully distributed web where the architecture works without servers so to say or where every device may become a server.

Just trying with this website

Just to try this out, I configured this website on dat://. Setting DNS records is easy as adding my address 9ab9316ae2ac629042207a43590c48fae4e4d2beb62379741efe147425d711dd in a TXT DNS record. So just visit my website on dat://zufrieden.io.

Another article published on Mozilla Hacks to go a bit further and implement DatArchive https://hacks.mozilla.org/2018/08/dweb-serving-the-web-from…