Driving Hokkaido's West Coast to Wakkanai

Souvenirs from a road trip along the beautiful coast from the sea of Japan to the sea of Okhotsk

May 22, 2020 · 238 words

I came to realise I created this website for myself and there are collection of thoughts and souvenir I wish I can keep forever. In my own pace, I will write them down and publish here with the Life tag.

For our 2019 trip to Japan, we decided to go north, pointing the top point on the map. Seeing how close we could get to Russia was another light motive. We mainly travel with our stomach. A Moscow trip in 2014 opened our eyes and belly to russian cuisine. We can’t imagine how diverse the cooking world could be. So far away from moscow but reading Wakkanai offer a russian restaurant mixing food style we had to go there and taste it.

Hokkaido has a diverse geography and lead to 3 different seas

Hokkadio MAP from Wikipedia

Our trip started in Hakodate, coming with the Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo. Then we rented a car, went to Lake Toya, Noboribetsu (Hell Valley), Asahikawa, Wakkanai and then Sapporo where we took a flight to Hiroshima.

Enjoying many types of traveling

Traveling is meeting people, enjoying scenery, being lost, taste the unknown. By far we choose unfamiliar place in unfamiliar season to get this feeling. And so discovering Hokkaido in late October was no exception.

Fish market in Hakkodate

Ramen shop in Yakumo

Toya Lake

Blue pond lake


Coast road to Wakkanai

Wakkanai harbour view

Sapporo Moerenuma park created by Noguchi

Sapporo Art Museum