Jul 02, 2019

Easy as the web

Webmardi – Lausanne

By Marc Friederich

The Web is so simple, yet we often create cumbersome solutions.
When the developer’s experience is balanced over user’s experience, we may lose what’s valuable in the process. This talk will try to look at our brief web history to find patterns and loops.

The goal of this talk is to create together a more resilient Web, to understand the value of the Web and how we can build a more sustainable heritage. I consider myself a Web dinosaur, let’s not condemn ourself too quickly to extinction.

🌍 https://www.meetup.com/webmardi/events/262026624/


Also available here https://www.youtube.com/embed/IIBVvtNwkcY


Also available here https://zufrieden.github.io/slides-easy-as-web/