The maintenance race

What leeking abstraction layer law has in common with solitary sailing around the globe

Dec 03, 2023

Here is a new design to my website - variable is the keyword

With new colors reacting responsively and a new variable font

Nov 11, 2022

Reduce the carbon footprint of this website 🌱

How this website was designed and coded with sustainability in mind

Apr 12, 2022


we're "transapocalyptic". We're in the middle of an ongoing crisis, or really a linked series of crises, and we need to learn to be β€˜native to now.' Our lives are going to become β€” or, really, they already are (the desire to keep talking about the present as the future is intense) β€” defined by β€˜constant engagement with ecological realities,' floods, dry wells, fires. And there's no opting out.


Optimizing font loading

How to increase performance regarding font loading

Jan 04, 2021

Going offline is so great

How I added a service worker on this website

Jan 03, 2021

Adding dark mode to this website

Because why not, that was actually quite easy

Jan 02, 2021

Browser Fingerprinting - Master thesis

Since the IP address is basically a subset of the fingerprint, browser fingerprints can be considered personal data, and GDPR also applies to them. This means, in short, that websites have to ask for explicit user consent prior to collecting and storing their browser fingerprint.


Designing For Users Across Cultures: An Interview With Jenny Shen

L10n and I18n related interview - how we can approach localizing and internationalizing our websites, over and above simply offering a translation of the material.

🌍 …

the Origins of Opera and the Future of Programming

Jessica Kerr looking at collective problem solving in music, art, science, and software. How it happen over the years and especially from the sixteenth century

🌍 …

Taking PHP Seriously

Slack uses PHP for most of its server-side application logic, which is an unusual choice these days. Why did we choose to build a new project in this language? Should you?


I don’t care what Airbnb is doing. (And neither should you.)

A presentation at Refresh Conference in October 2018 in Groningen, Netherlands by Stephen Hay



p2p chat using dat protocol


Tutorial on dat://

Nice guide to learn dat API worth checking out


About dat:// to a distributed Web


Aug 08, 2018

Maintaining your working environment

We all have our weapons of choice to code and design.

Nov 04, 2012