Prevent Default webdesign

An interesting point of view on preventing default webdesign to happen (hence the event.preventDefault(); nod) with this experience article (Long read link in the comments below) full of clever analyse. Coming back to crafting web design with a core value (from frames, flash, under-construction-signs, twitter bootstrap, brutalism). To create a great user experience, a whole range of skills is required (meaning design and dev working together, or unicorn profiles)

This quote for instance :

“Misunderstanding technology and code as a tool for production rather than a way of creative expression. In her publication Turing complete user Olia Lialina writes about an early Dreamweaver7 commercial: ‘The message from Adobe is clear. The less you think about source code, scripts, links and the web itself, the more creative you are as a web designer. What a lie. “

Meaningful creativity comes with a deep field knowledge. Crafting an experience means understanding the medium constraints. We seek for diversity in the web design landscape. We need a full comprehension of web standards. And taking part in the act of forging them.

This article is 2 years old already but Brutalism web design already shaped the next trends. My weekly routine is to go back to saved content and see how it ages. This one is doing pretty well.

Nov 25, 2022