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Nice article about how creative work is a small part of design.

Creative is 10%. Structure and systems are the rest. — Jun 04, 2023

Really nice longread about Alan Cooper and the history of Visual Basic

From @zufrieden — Mar 24, 2023

Twitter tread about training an AI and engage in real-time dialogue with its "inner child"

Training AI with childhood journal entries — Dec 04, 2022

An interesting point of view on preventing default webdesign to happen (hence the event.preventDefault(); nod) with this experience article (Long read link in the comments below) full of clever analyse. Coming back to crafting web design with a core value (from frames, flash, under-construction-signs, twitter bootstrap, brutalism). To create a great user experience, a whole range of skills is required (meaning design and dev working together, or unicorn profiles)

Prevent Default webdesign — Nov 25, 2022

First sharing message owned by myself

Hello World — Nov 25, 2022

RT @simplybastow: I mean, MySpace and ICQ are still technically up.″

From @zufrieden — Nov 20, 2022

RT @shadeed9: It’s funny to hear that X framework is the way to responsive design in 2022. Anything we build is responsive by default un…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 20, 2022

RT @iA: UX lesson #2: Do not try dumb things in a live environment. Every live design experiment you make should be planned, plausible, and…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 10, 2022

RT @adactioLinks: Thinking about leaving Twitter

From @zufrieden — Oct 29, 2022

RT @t: #TwitterMigration, first time? Have posted notes to since 2010, POSSEd tweets & #AtomFeed. Added one .htac…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 29, 2022

RT @randomMDN: 🦖 Random MDN: border-start-end-radius 🦖 The border-start-end-radius CSS property defines a logical…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 29, 2022

RT @seldo: This week I learned about HTMX and am delighted that somebody has finally implemented a system I described in my CS degree thesi…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 28, 2022

@romaindewolff Decentralized by design but not for long…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 28, 2022

RT @wesbos: 🔥 You don’t need a library to format money in JavaScript! Use Intl.NumberFormat() to format all currencies and locales around t…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 28, 2022

RT @VertsLausannois: 🌍 Initiative fonds climat ✏️📃 Venez nous retrouver samedi à la Palud pour signer et faire signer l’initiative fonds c…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 28, 2022

RT @HTTPArchive: The last two chapters of the 2022 Web Almanac has just been released meaning all 23 chapters are now available for your re…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 25, 2022

RT @chriscoyier: “The Web Platform is a beautiful mess.”

From @zufrieden — Oct 20, 2022

RT @jessegrosjean: Bike 1.4 is out with rich text support! Rich text + innovations. Movie + post here: https://t.c…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 11, 2022

RT @MarcoInEnglish: I’ve been saying it for years, and many other screen reader users agree with me, Electron apps are really the worst of…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 30, 2022

@Mans_JS C’est justement exactement le sujet du prochain @webmardi

From @zufrieden — Sep 29, 2022

RT @m_ott: “As a user, I get the final say. This is why stylesheets cascade, why JavaScript can be turned off, and why browser extensions e…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 25, 2022

RT @webmardi: @thierrymarianne @zufrieden @antistatique Yep nous faisons un live stream de tout nos talks ! 🎬 Tu peux déjà ajouter le live…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 24, 2022

RT @webmardi: Le prochain event sera à 📍Lausanne - Studio Banana 🎤 Speaker - Marc Friederich - @antistatique - Co-Founder at Antistatique 💬…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 19, 2022

RT @round: you know what can’t be acquired? html″

From @zufrieden — Sep 15, 2022

RT @institutnr_ch: L’équipe d’@antistatique nous soutient depuis notre lancement en 2021 et nous sommes heureux d’officialiser leur adhésio…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 02, 2022

RT @WebDesignMuseum: 17 years of evolution of web design trends. The Pirate Bay homepage in 2005 vs. The Pirate Bay homepage in 2022 #Web…″

From @zufrieden — Aug 31, 2022

If you can’t choose wisely, choose randomly.

From @zufrieden — Aug 12, 2022

RT @seldo: Google doesn’t do this because Google already makes your browser.

From @zufrieden — Aug 12, 2022

RT @adactioLinks: Let websites framebust out of native apps |

From @zufrieden — Aug 11, 2022

RT @IxDA: From the IxDA Library: What does it mean to be a good ancestor? At #ixd18, @MrAlanCooper challenged us to exercise personal agen…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 28, 2022

@gagarine__ Ce n’est pas le parking charmant, c’est le parking des bourgeois :-P″

From @zufrieden — Jul 24, 2022

RT @jh3yy: Future CSS/JavaScript tip! 🔮 Have you heard of the Shared Element Transitions API? 🧐 This card shuffling demo requires zero…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 23, 2022

RT @ubuweb: Share your work - digitize a book - upload your files. Don’t let our knowledge be crushed. Care for the libraries - care for th…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 15, 2022

RT @jaffathecake: What article / blog post did you write that you refer back to the most?″

From @zufrieden — Jul 15, 2022

RT @heydonworks: If you want a framework that is literally just CSS but bizarrely has fewer features, fill your boots.…″

From @zufrieden — May 28, 2022

RT @herval: Did anyone launch a Carbon Sequestration powered blockchain yet?

From @zufrieden — May 14, 2022

RT @GeoffreyDorne: WoW. Merci infiniment ! Le livre est dispo sur pour celles & ceux que ça intéresse 🤍🔥 https://t.…″

From @zufrieden — May 14, 2022

RT @prototypefundch: < 3 days left to apply to! ❤️

From @zufrieden — May 13, 2022

@lionelrudaz @tastersch Oui mais les flux se raréfient″

From @zufrieden — May 10, 2022

@lionelrudaz @tastersch ☝️RSS toujours.″

From @zufrieden — May 10, 2022

RT @smashingmag: 🚩Designing A Better Language Selector – Flags are not languages – Avoid auto-redirects – Decouple presets – Allow for ove…″

From @zufrieden — May 04, 2022

RT @tabatkins: HTTP 262 JAVASCRIPT UNNECESSARILY REQUIRED; the content is available but you’d better have a good CPU and 15 seconds of free…″

From @zufrieden — May 04, 2022

RT @SimmsMelanie: Happy May Day all. Rest. Enjoy.

From @zufrieden — May 01, 2022

RT @ATE_Suisse: L’idée: augmenter l’espace à disposition du #trafic motorisé individuel pour améliorer la fluidité du trafic 😃 La réalité…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 29, 2022

@nicolasnova Et de drapeau″

From @zufrieden — Apr 24, 2022

RT @arclight: Sometimes software is done. I know the World expects growth and change and improvement forever (for free) but sometimes the s…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 24, 2022

Se poser, plonger en nous-mêmes et savoir ce qu’on veut au fond plutôt qu’étaler ce qu’on vaut.

From @zufrieden — Apr 24, 2022

RT @DefensiveCSS: Hello world! I’m so excited to share even more defensive CSS techniques with you 🤩 For now, here is the original article…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 20, 2022

RT @timbray: Grab a coffee, pull up a chair, and read this. Please. Send a copy to your favorite legislator. https:…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 19, 2022

RT @jamie_hunsaker: happy they very much did kill jesus day

From @zufrieden — Apr 15, 2022

@KimMaida <FRAMESET ROWS=“100, *”>″

From @zufrieden — Apr 15, 2022

RT @jomaoppa: if Wolf of Wallstreet were about crypto…

From @zufrieden — Apr 09, 2022

RT @afpfr: L’humanité dispose de moins de trois années pour inverser la courbe des émissions de gaz à effet de serre, principales responsab…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 04, 2022

RT @Rich_Harris: (seriously, the ability to have multiple instances of web apps open simultaneously is the platform’s superpower, and a mai…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 04, 2022

RT @shadeed9: ✍️New Article: Tweaking In The Browser I wrote about how we can use web browsers to tweak designs, and why the term designi…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 03, 2022

RT @ATEVaud: Le 30 km/h généralisé pour des trajets à pied/vélo sûrs et une ville apaisée et conviviale ? Signez la pétition ! https://t.c…″

From @zufrieden — Mar 30, 2022

RT @mozhacks: Today @Apple, @Bocoup, @Google, @Igalia, @Microsoft and @Mozilla are announcing Interop 2022. We have collaborated with the…″

From @zufrieden — Mar 23, 2022

RT @webmardi: You 💙 @webmardi events? Save the date for 5 April, if you want to learn more about #sustainability #design #eco-design #resp…″

From @zufrieden — Mar 22, 2022

RT @francoisz: Welcome to Web 3.0! A sarcastic website that perfectly illustrates the absurdity of #web3 and #blockchain…″

From @zufrieden — Mar 16, 2022

RT @webmardi: On the next event: “#121 - Le design de demain : durable et responsable ?” by Noémie Sandoz & Tiphaine Rosier - Design resear…″

From @zufrieden — Mar 09, 2022

usability, accessibility, inclusivity and yes sustainability gain also more value! Great to finally see this coming to the web industry!

From @zufrieden — Feb 13, 2022

RT @davatron5000: 📝 A new blogging format where I pretend I’m leaving web development and share some things I’ve learned.…″

From @zufrieden — Feb 09, 2022

RT @ixdconf: The wait is over! The Interaction 22 program is online. 1 workshop day and 3 days of content: → Embracing ambiguity → New ess…″

From @zufrieden — Feb 01, 2022

RT @smdiehl: This speaks to us. As someone who grew up in the ’90s and 2000s when the internet did seem like a magical place, I find the…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 04, 2022 CSS relative colors 🙌″

From @zufrieden — Jan 02, 2022

RT @stevesi: USBefuddled: Untangling the Rat’s Nest of USB-C Standards and Cables - TidBITS

From @zufrieden — Dec 28, 2021

RT @herval: “I don’t know what web3 is going to be like but I’m pretty certain web4 is just people buying sticks & stones off Craigslist ag…″

From @zufrieden — Dec 22, 2021

RT @bramus: 💡 Late night CSS :has() use-case epiphany: forms.

From @zufrieden — Dec 22, 2021

What Eyes Want from Christopher Butler newsletter. stoking desire, after all, is a million times more easily done than satisfying it Nice take on ads design, distraction and attention span.

From @zufrieden — Dec 18, 2021

RT @Chronotope: You cannot use capitalism to decentralize anything. They are opposed philosophies″

From @zufrieden — Dec 17, 2021

RT @WebDesignMuseum: Web design trends 15 years ago Twitter Steam Skype ICQ #WebDesignHistory

From @zufrieden — Dec 13, 2021

Nice #pwa titlebar design 👍

From @zufrieden — Dec 09, 2021

RT @Accudio: Finally added dynamic theme-color support to my personal website and I’m loving how it looks in Safari! 🎨🌲⛰️ Alt: Changing th…″

From @zufrieden — Dec 04, 2021

RT @zeldman: Blue Beanie Day in support of web standards is celebrated around the world on November 30. Hey, that’s today. So how can you h…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 30, 2021

RT @TerribleMia: Large companies find HTML & CSS frustrating “at scale” because the web is a fundamentally anti-capitalist mashup art exper…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 28, 2021

RT @webmardi: Do you 💙 @webmardi events? Reserve your seat if you want to find out more about #postgraphile 😀 with 🎤 @shvi - Pierre Spring…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 24, 2021

RT @hanopcan: There must be something in the air! I’ve seen three new websites showcasing sustainable / low carbon website design over the…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 23, 2021

💪 une séance de coaching sportif à 50%, c’est maintenant !

From @zufrieden — Nov 17, 2021

> But the web is different. When a user navigates to a URL, it shouldn’t feel like they’re installing a piece of software. Get some perspectives State of the web, inspiring talk by @adactio

From @zufrieden — Nov 09, 2021

RT @thejuicemedia: The Government™ has made an ad about Net Zero by 2050, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative. ✨ Feat. @GretaThu…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 07, 2021

RT @iA: Apps are not coffee.

From @zufrieden — Nov 06, 2021

RT @heydonworks: Yes. The websites that are built properly don’t track you, fill your screen with popups and ads, cost you large sums of da…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 31, 2021

RT @rauchg: Ok this is amazing

From @zufrieden — Oct 30, 2021

RT @antistatique: Chères universités et chères hautes écoles, ne doutez plus pour la refonte de votre site Internet. Faites comme la haute…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 26, 2021

RT @rikschennink: PWA prototype for done ☑️ Next step 👉 Make it more app-like. https://t.c…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 13, 2021

Building a new browser went from being the easiest thing in the world to the hardest thing in the world, because the web is an evolved system, and the API surface of an evolved system is infinite.

From @zufrieden — Oct 10, 2021

RT @aardrian: Good news, everybody! Safari 15 support for CSS logical properties is good! Don’t let Safari/IE hold back a multilingual web…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 09, 2021

RT @OpendataCH: Le Data Café sera sur la place de la Riponne à Lausanne ce vendredi de 10h30 à 18h00. Nous nous réjouissons de votre visite…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 06, 2021

RT @patio11: I think a lot of engineers have silly aesthetic preferences but one I have that I will absolutely own is that if I want to rec…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 29, 2021

RT @Rebootevent2021: 7️⃣4️⃣5️⃣7️⃣ Ces jeudi 30/09 et vendredi 01/10, ce ne sont pas moins de 7457 étudiantes et étudiants qui se connecter…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 27, 2021

RT @webmardi: Wanna know more about typography and questioning the 🎤  Speaker @guillaumeberry - Art Director & Partner at Antistatique? Joi…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 26, 2021

RT @csswizardry: @webexpo ct.css:

From @zufrieden — Sep 22, 2021

L’internationalisation #i18n 🌎🌍🌏

From @zufrieden — Sep 21, 2021

One way to make your website shine is by having the courage to let the browser do what it’s optimized to do.

From @zufrieden — Sep 18, 2021

@AdrianCJax Transparent button 🤦‍♂️″

From @zufrieden — Aug 14, 2021

RT @codepo8: Knowing HTML is knowing the difference between <s></s> and <u></u> and <del></del> and <ins></ins>.″

From @zufrieden — Aug 12, 2021

RT @psd: This is for everyone. Not just for everyone to consume, but for everyone to make. 👏

From @zufrieden — Aug 07, 2021

RT @lauraklein: Pro Interviewing Tip for Product Managers: Don’t argue with the people giving you feedback! Ok, maybe not so much pro a…″

From @zufrieden — Aug 05, 2021