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Creating some slack

A household is a miniature ecosystem with inputs, outputs and flows thinking like this can make life a whole lot better

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Why Doctors Hate Their Computers

Good story and analyse on how real life interactions are taken apart with computers



A collection of control panels photos


Infused design with Jared Spool - UX Podcast

Always nice hearing from Jared about design and designer roles


Taking PHP Seriously

Slack uses PHP for most of its server-side application logic, which is an unusual choice these days. Why did we choose to build a new project in this language? Should you?


I don’t care what Airbnb is doing. (And neither should you.)

A presentation at Refresh Conference in October 2018 in Groningen, Netherlands by Stephen Hay



p2p chat using dat protocol


Tutorial on dat://

Nice guide to learn dat API worth checking out


How the Enlightenment Ends

When KISSINGER says it's dangerous, better reading and thinking about it.

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