Hello, I'm Marc Friederich 👋

Welcome to my personal website. I share here interesting links, some thoughts, some pictures I made and an archive of my talks. You may know me as a co-founder of Antistatique, a human centric web agency. Or as core-team’s member of Interaction 18, The 2018 Interaction Design conference.

Writing 💾

This is where I collect thoughts, URL and words on my web journey

Here is a new design to my website - variable is the keyword

With new colors reacting responsively and a new variable font

Nov 11, 2022

Reduce the carbon footprint of this website 🌱

How this website was designed and coded with sustainability in mind

Apr 12, 2022

Do we have to work? Book review

Book review on The Big Idea edition about how we came to work and how it might be in the future

Jan 01, 2022

Optimizing font loading

How to increase performance regarding font loading

Jan 04, 2021

Going offline is so great

How I added a service worker on this website

Jan 03, 2021

Adding dark mode to this website

Because why not, that was actually quite easy

Jan 02, 2021

My collection

Linking 🌍

URL are extraordinary

Digital Beacon

Calculate the environmental impact of a web page, see the breakdown and learn what measures can be taken to improve it.

🌍 https://digitalbeacon.co

Lowest carbon websites

Examples of low-carbon web design and development.

🌍 https://lowwwcarbon.com

Business Dudes Need to Stop Talking Like This

The scourge of business-dude lorem ipsum By Charlie Warzel - Metaverse or crypto, you'll find plenty of people sharing LinkedIn empty posts. As empty vessel of content just following the hype but there's still no value whatsoever.

🌍 https://newsletters.theatlantic.com/galaxy-brain/630ec150bcbd490021b17eab/busine …

Sbs Shifting Baseline Syndrome

Due to short life-spans and faulty memories, humans have a poor conception of how much of the natural world has been degraded by our actions, because our ‘baseline’ shifts with every generation, and sometimes even in an individual. In essence, what we see as pristine nature would be seen by our ancestors as hopelessly degraded, and what we see as degraded, our children will view as ‘natural’.

🌍 https://www.densediscovery.com/issues/202

No Neutral Map

Our co-design and research findings indicate a need for standardized accessible web maps. When we met with browser implementers and map framework authors, they encouraged taking an iterative approach to standardizing maps by finding stop-gap solutions within existing map frameworks to inform what changes to browsers are necessary.

🌍 https://bocoup.com/blog/no-neutral-map

HTML isn’t quite accessible out of the box

There’s a commonly held idea that HTML is accessible out of the box, before any CSS has been applied.

🌍 https://www.tempertemper.net/blog/html-isnt-quite-accessible-out-of-the-box
Ressources worth linking to

Talking 🎩

Some ask me to go on stage and talk about design and web topics

Veille technologique, l’épreuve du temps et comment s’y préparer

Webmardi – Lausanne

Oct 06, 2022 – by Marc Friederich

Comment réaliser un site eco-responsable

SwissTripleImpact Le numérique responsable partage d’expérience et outils concrets – Marly

Apr 08, 2022 – by Noémie Sandoz et Marc Friederich

Easy as the web

Webmardi – Lausanne

Jul 02, 2019 – by Marc Friederich

Surtout ne pas refaire son site

Performance Web – Genève

May 24, 2018 – by Marc Friederich

Design Systems

11th UN Designers & Visual Communicators Meetup – ITU Headquarters, Geneva

Apr 27, 2018 – by Marc Friederich & Guillaume Berry

Design documentation

Digital Strategy and UX meetup Geneva – ImpactHub, Geneva

Oct 18, 2017 – by Marc Friederich

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Making pictures 🏙

Travelling with my eyes open and trying to capture shades, light and mostly clouds.