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RT @ixdconf: Big announcements coming up this week… stay tuned! #IxD18″

From @zufrieden — Oct 22, 2017

RT @MinaMarkham: CSS Grid makes coding too easy and we’re all gonna get fired. — @mirisuzanne #CSSDevConf″

From @zufrieden — Oct 09, 2017

RT @seldo: There really is a German word for everything, via @gr2m

From @zufrieden — Oct 06, 2017

RT @lukew: in case what’s happening wasn’t clear…

From @zufrieden — Oct 04, 2017

RT @IxDAwards: Didn’t send your work in time? Late submissions are now open until 22 September! #IxDAwards #ixda #deadline #ixd https://t.c…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 16, 2017

RT @ixdconf: The Interaction 18 team has been hard at work this weekend organizing an awesome Interaction Week for you all! #IxD18 #IxDWeek…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 10, 2017

@vasilis Drawing animals with viewport units yes @vasilis

From @zufrieden — Sep 06, 2017

Next Wednesday (Sep. 13) come to the #PHP Meetup Romand in Geneva. @WengerK will talk about Drupal8

From @zufrieden — Sep 04, 2017

@frontendconfch Thank you for allowing this!″

From @zufrieden — Sep 01, 2017

About to tall about i18n and l10n. A 5 minutes talk about a universal challenge of accessibility #FEC17 at @frontendconfch

From @zufrieden — Sep 01, 2017

RT @frontendconfch: Hire the whole person. @bencallahan on building a human-centered culture #FEC17

From @zufrieden — Sep 01, 2017

“All problems are to be solved with technology, especially the ones that have been caused with previous technology.”

From @zufrieden — Aug 14, 2017

RT @ixdconf: Warning! 1 month left to submit your talk or workshop proposal. Deadline: September 13th, 2017 at 11:59pm CET #IxD18 https://t…″

From @zufrieden — Aug 13, 2017

RT @csswizardry: It’s not a developer’s job to make a website fast; it’s their job to stop everyone else making it slow. They’re your last…″

From @zufrieden — Aug 02, 2017

There is no such thing as “swiss language” ☝️ N-N relation between countries and languages﹣ culture, #i18n, #l10n is a complex world″

From @zufrieden — Aug 02, 2017

Nice to read “What It’s Like to Be a Woman at a Tech Conference “ — by  @ChloeCondon /cc @guillaumeberry @mcpaccard

From @zufrieden — Jul 31, 2017

@guillaumeberry @mcpaccard Good episode! Thanks @guillaumeberry for sharing it! We’ll discuss this around a good 🍷.″

From @zufrieden — Jul 15, 2017

How well does it fail? — talk by @adactio at @frontendunited conference worth watching. #serviceWorkers #PWA #web

From @zufrieden — Jul 14, 2017

RT @teleject: Style guides as products

From @zufrieden — Jul 10, 2017

Thank you @codepo8 for this! “We have to remind people again about how great the web is.” #PWA #openweb

From @zufrieden — Jul 03, 2017

2017 is loading fast!

From @zufrieden — Jul 02, 2017

RT @1RAgency: First speaker at #ProductTankLausanne this Thursday will be Marc Friederich (@zufrieden), co-founder @antistatique! #SwissDes…″

From @zufrieden — Jun 26, 2017

Always good to read this again when there is a new framework hype “The Law of Leaky Abstractions” #frontend″

From @zufrieden — Jun 25, 2017

Developers have to test on real devices. As designers have to do user tests. It helps realizing your setup is not user’s one. #UX #webdev

From @zufrieden — Jun 23, 2017

@xavieralexandre @yringg @bratwurstkomet @matthieuminguet @loriskumo Still on Atom but all our frontend dev switched to VS Code

From @zufrieden — Jun 23, 2017

RT @antistatique: CSS Grid - à utiliser d’urgence ! @zufrieden vous explique pourquoi sur notre blog - #layout #fut…″

From @zufrieden — Jun 19, 2017

RT @KeriHenare: CSS Grid support already at 77.4% in the USA and 69.3% globally.

From @zufrieden — Jun 15, 2017

“And if I want to browse the web without javascript, well fuck, that’s my choice as a user. This is the web, not the JS App Store” 🙏

From @zufrieden — Jun 11, 2017

RT @teleject: Kill Google AMP before it KILLS the web

From @zufrieden — Jun 11, 2017

RT @theCinCSSbot: the C in CSS stands for changeable″

From @zufrieden — Jun 07, 2017

RT @ixdconf: Eager to speak at Interaction 18? Call for Proposals (talks & workshops) is now open! #MicroMacroMeso #IxD18…″

From @zufrieden — Jun 07, 2017

RT @randfish: REMINDER: Mobile didn’t kill desktop; it just killed all our free time. (via

From @zufrieden — Jun 04, 2017

“WYSIWYG…on the web there is no guarantee that what you see is what everyone else will get” #design thanks @adactio

From @zufrieden — May 25, 2017

Mobile first, desktop worst - #design #ux #article - function first please! form follow function, right!″

From @zufrieden — May 22, 2017

Great talk about web performances - CSS and the First Meaningful Paint. Test on real devices!

From @zufrieden — May 18, 2017

RT @LeaVerou: OMG I just released my work of the past 2yrs as OSS! 🙀🙀🙀 Introducing Mavo: Create Web Apps Entirely By Writing HTML! https://…″

From @zufrieden — May 16, 2017

RT @DaveHogue: Design is problem-solving. Design is never finished. Design is continuous. Design is foundational. There is always more to c…″

From @zufrieden — May 16, 2017

RT @CodePen: swiss in css ::

From @zufrieden — May 13, 2017

RT @year_progress: ▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░ 35%″

From @zufrieden — May 08, 2017

@uxromandie @guillaumeberry Oh non surtout pas les drapeaux !″

From @zufrieden — May 08, 2017

RT @Carilall: Soutien au Master #archinfo de l’ENS #Lyon, qui forme les étudiants parmi les plus doués que j’ai connu dans le domaine ! #UX…″

From @zufrieden — May 07, 2017

Page Speed Is Everyone’s Problem #designer #developer #UX

From @zufrieden — May 06, 2017

RT @drupaljobs: #drupal #jobs Drupal 8 Backend developer position is open @Antistatique

From @zufrieden — May 06, 2017

RT @feross: Most of the web is broken. Most software is broken. Stop tying up cats! 😂😂😂

From @zufrieden — Apr 30, 2017

RT @pv_reynolds: The Germans, always, have a word for it, but the Japanese have an entire philosophy complete with an info-graphic. Where a…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 28, 2017

RT @uxlausanne: The full programme of our next edition is ready yet! Check our fantastic line-up:

From @zufrieden — Apr 27, 2017

RT @jaffathecake: TIL: In CSS grids, if you use fr rather than %, grid-gap deducts from the available space. Demo:…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 25, 2017

RT @antistatique: Du nouveau sur le #blog! Nouvel article #UX sur les formulaires de création de compte & connexion:…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 25, 2017

RT @uxromandie: We are so happy to welcome @zufrieden & @guillaumeberry in May✌️😀✌️ The topic is internationalisation & localisation https:…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 25, 2017

RT @ixdconf: PSA: half of the early bird tickets are gone, half remaining. Grab yours soon. Voilà! #IxD18

From @zufrieden — Apr 24, 2017

RT @BOTUS: Hello world! I’m BOTUS. I’m watching tweets by @realDonaldTrump. When he tweets about a company, I trade stocks. Follow my adven…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 09, 2017

RT @smashingmag: An amusing way how to introduce programming to non-technical people:

From @zufrieden — Apr 06, 2017

RT @lukew: Mobile delays cause more stress than horror movies.

From @zufrieden — Apr 03, 2017

@elefontpress @BeardedStudio really nice! 🌱🌲🌳. Footer link to bearded studio miss the http://″

From @zufrieden — Mar 30, 2017

@brad_frost living styleguides benefit the whole organization. Complete part of its knowledge base. So yes it has to be attractive.″

From @zufrieden — Mar 29, 2017

@yanngraf nice ;-)″

From @zufrieden — Mar 21, 2017

RT @viljamis: “Only a matter of time before a tool that works everywhere beats out a tool that’s restricted to a single platform.” https://…″

From @zufrieden — Mar 18, 2017

RT @incognitosum: Social innovation – the last and next decade via @nesta_uk ht @djp1974

From @zufrieden — Feb 11, 2017

RT @ixdconf: Guess what? #ixd18 is taking place in Lyon, France. Here’s some early bird tickets. Get them while you can, #ixd17. https://t.…″

From @zufrieden — Feb 09, 2017

RT @antistatique: #Job #Geneva #Lausanne nous cherchons des #Freelance #Drupal8 et #Symfony 2 ->

From @zufrieden — Feb 03, 2017

RT @guillaumeberry: “I can’t just stand by and watch Mark Zuckerberg destroy the internet.” by @ossia #Read #Opinion #OpenWeb…″

From @zufrieden — Dec 27, 2016

RT @iamdevloper: How many printers did you have to install this Christmas?″

From @zufrieden — Dec 27, 2016

RT @codinghorror: Shut your face hole and read the greatest, most best article on web performance of all time. ALL TIME…″

From @zufrieden — Dec 26, 2016

RT @meyerweb: CSS Grid! A short dialogue with an invented inquisitor about the impending radical shift in layout.

From @zufrieden — Dec 05, 2016

Une stratégie digitale en 2016 c’est quand le responsable com’ arrive à discuter avec le chef IT. Vivement 2017 #transformationdigitale″

From @zufrieden — Dec 05, 2016


From @zufrieden — Dec 01, 2016

RT @year_progress: ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░ 91%″

From @zufrieden — Nov 29, 2016

Words win over icons ;-)

From @zufrieden — Nov 28, 2016

RT @openwebdaily: A preview of the new CSS Grid highlighter in Firefox Developer Tools

From @zufrieden — Nov 24, 2016

RT @lukew: two more @google apps redesign w/ bottom navigation menu. why =

From @zufrieden — Nov 22, 2016

RT @favreloic: Tu es le futur Quentin Tarantino ? Tu aimes l’univers de Dr House ? Alors ce stage est pour toi. #stage #emploi https://t.c…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 21, 2016

RT @antistatique: 🙌 @smashingmag is talking about our @DeviceLabCh :

From @zufrieden — Nov 11, 2016

RT @tonifisler: Well @motherboard, @Apple is not the only one presenting challenges for blind users apparently.😚 #UX #accessibility https:…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 07, 2016

@xavieralexandre gulp et metalsmith :-)″

From @zufrieden — Nov 06, 2016

@smashingmag - UX Podcast #141 about @kiehnholst article ;-)″

From @zufrieden — Nov 02, 2016

RT @antistatique: Congrats à toute la team @letemps

From @zufrieden — Nov 02, 2016

@info_design ;-)″

From @zufrieden — Nov 02, 2016

À #BlendWebMix pour parler de #i18n avec @guillaumeberry demain juste avant manger. Et sinon, si les #styleguide vous passionne, 😉–>☕!″

From @zufrieden — Nov 02, 2016

Création de contenu avec passion et précision par @antistatique pour Zenith Watches - #baselworld

From @zufrieden — Oct 26, 2016

RT @Mybridge: ARc: A React starter kit based on Atomic Design Methodology for a scalable web development. #JavaScript…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 22, 2016

RT @iamdevloper: npm install yarn like getting your ex-GF to move your new GF’s stuff into your house″

From @zufrieden — Oct 21, 2016

RT @viljamis: “‘Looks good on my perfect screen in perfectly lit office’ is abdicating our responsibilities to the very people for whom we…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 19, 2016

Designers don’t need to learn to code. However, designers that learn to code will be the ones leading us to better #UX and #a11y″

From @zufrieden — Oct 17, 2016

@julienhenzelin il est où le sauna ? 😋″

From @zufrieden — Oct 17, 2016

RT @Info_Activism: Wi-Fi passwords from airports around the world in one brilliant map

From @zufrieden — Oct 08, 2016

@smashingmag any plan when you’ll reach 1 million follower ?″

From @zufrieden — Oct 07, 2016

@smashingmag nope - unobtrusive javascript still matters ! You need to access content anyway #accessibility″

From @zufrieden — Oct 07, 2016

🙃You probably saw it already but read it twice anyway #frontendpeople #javascript #2016 #lost via @jjperezaguinaga

From @zufrieden — Oct 07, 2016

Not happy with your current job? Join us @antistatique We’re hiring #job #dev #drupal #symfony

From @zufrieden — Oct 07, 2016

RT @iA: URL of the month:

From @zufrieden — Oct 06, 2016

RT @antistatique: Tu es passionné par le domaine du #web et des nouvelles #technologies? On a du #job pour toi!

From @zufrieden — Oct 03, 2016

RT @robertnyman: YouTube Go: YouTube reimagined for the next generation of YouTube viewers - Offline first!″

From @zufrieden — Sep 27, 2016

OpemDesignKit : Work in a #remote design team like #OSS projects from the awesome team @bocoup /cc @benoitpointet

From @zufrieden — Sep 15, 2016

RT @slightlylate: So it takes a lot for me to get to this point. But seriously folks, time to throw out your frameworks and see how fast…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 15, 2016

RT @jeffiel: I took screenshots of lots of homepages on 9/11. Here they are:

From @zufrieden — Sep 11, 2016

RT @antistatique: #Genève venez fêter ce soir avec nous nos 8 ans au #CercleDesBains dès 21h ! f. @hellolemo YvDre…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 01, 2016

RT @FrontEndDaily: When Gopher Ruled the Internet: (Before the Web, there was Gopher.)″

From @zufrieden — Aug 27, 2016