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RT @brad_frost: This is a super clever look by @Malarkey at how much web design has changed over the last 20 years. 1998:…″

From @zufrieden — Dec 23, 2018

RT @codinghorror: Just a reminder that ten years ago Chrome had zero percent market share, and as of today it defeated Internet Explorer ..…″

From @zufrieden — Dec 22, 2018

RT @year_progress: ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ 97%″

From @zufrieden — Dec 21, 2018

RT @thomasfuchs: Today is a good day to quit Chrome and end the endless spying and privacy invasion. Great alternatives are Safari and Fi…″

From @zufrieden — Dec 17, 2018

CSS: A New Kind Of JavaScript 😋 A good sign that a technology is not fit for purpose is how much we have to rely on workarounds and best practices to get by.

From @zufrieden — Dec 04, 2018

RT @Maliciouslink: Reminder that PHP 5.6 goes end of life in 4 weeks. If you think that isn’t important, PHP 5.x runs on 59% of all websi…″

From @zufrieden — Dec 02, 2018

RT @WebPlatformNews: When the user logs out of your website, you can use the Clear-Site-Data header* to remove cookies, cached responses, l…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 30, 2018

RT @Foone: I’ve said it before but Emojis are just a plot to get english-speakers to care about unicode support. and it’s worked amazingly…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 28, 2018

RT @kidvaldez: #Job #Emploi #Freelance à la recherche d’un expert/développeur Magento 2.0 #eCommerce RT Welcome !″

From @zufrieden — Nov 14, 2018

RT @noplansstudio: I highly disagree with myself″

From @zufrieden — Nov 13, 2018

RT @DanGrover: In 2005, RSS readers felt like a bad habit. Now, I take pleasure in what feels, for some reason, like a tiny act of subversi…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 12, 2018

RT @timberners_lee: We’re at a 50/50 moment for the web. We’ve created something amazing together, but half the world is still not online,…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 05, 2018

RT @viljamis: Just launched @TrySliced on ProductHunt. It’s a project I’ve been working on with @vesterinen for a while now and we’re reall…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 02, 2018

RT @antistatique: Tervetuloa Helsinkiin! At #span18 conference. We are here with @guillaumeberry and @zufrieden. Sh…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 01, 2018

RT @stephenhay: At @refreshcon, I spoke about design conventions and critical thinking. My slides are here: (Pleas…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 28, 2018

RT @geniesducode: 📙 ELLE EST PAS BELLE la couverture du livre? La campagne de financement se termine dans 4 jours déjà et il nous manque 85…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 23, 2018

RT @AaronGustafson: 🔖 Building a Low Tech Website… I love this project. It ticks so many boxes for me as it’s all about doing more with l…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 08, 2018

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: angry yips Wow I get a whole 30 vertical pixels.

From @zufrieden — Oct 04, 2018

RT @jonikorpi: What are some websites that make great use of the extra horizontal space on wider, bigger screens?″

From @zufrieden — Sep 30, 2018

RT @ilikescience: New post! A love letter to designing in code, with two case studies from recent work.

From @zufrieden — Sep 25, 2018

RT @antistatique: 👋 Hey! We’re launching a design newsletter. Subscribe now for a chance to win @Carilall latest book and the new issue of…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 25, 2018

RT @karrisaarinen: One of the best design system posts I’ve read in a while. Lot of maturity and understanding of the challenges of maintai…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 22, 2018

RT @ixdconf: Time is running out! 🕚 Only 3 days left to send us your talk and workshop proposals for #IxD19. Have you submitted yours yet?…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 22, 2018

Software disenchantment… a technology solution to a problem that doesn’t need any technology, just a little bit of common sense.

From @zufrieden — Sep 22, 2018

RT @dasamuelsson: Wednesday #funny: 2014 - We must adopt #microservices to solve all problems with monoliths. 2016 - We must adopt #docker…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 21, 2018

RT @rwaldron: The State of Fieldset Interoperability - Bocoup by @zcorpan

From @zufrieden — Sep 20, 2018

RT @firefox: We’re working on stopping all cross-site tracking by default in Firefox. If you’re not using Firefox yet, there’s never been…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 14, 2018

RT @flarup: What a way to end the week! We just released a little game we’ve been tinkering with: 🌍 Planet Life You’ll laugh, wonder, gath…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 14, 2018

RT @antistatique: 🕵️‍♀️ Usability test - 🚨requesting participants! In Lausanne next week (September Wed. 19 and Thu. 20), available for 30m…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 12, 2018

RT @bratwurstkomet: I’m available for UX research, strategy and prototyping, ping me if you know of a project in need. Sharing = ❤️ Check o…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 11, 2018

RT @TrentWalton: Note to my younger web design self: Stop trying to be cute and just underline the damn hyperlinks you jackass″

From @zufrieden — Sep 09, 2018

RT @bratwurstkomet: Honored to be speaking about Machine Learning for Designers at the World Interaction Design Day event in Lausanne on Se…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 06, 2018

RT @Dries: Drupal 8.6.0 released! I firmly believe this is the most significant Drupal 8 release to date so check it out:…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 06, 2018

RT @dominictarr: I measured the memory use of a bunch of web-apps. Conclusion: Your app is probably bloated!

From @zufrieden — Sep 05, 2018

RT @FirefoxNightly: The FastBlock feature (improving Firefox page loading performance by restricting the loading of trackers) was enabled b…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 05, 2018

RT @strobist: Ugh. Google AMP is now “improving the performance of mobile content and advertising” by jamming ads into photos. https://t.…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 03, 2018

RT @shvi: Dear Swiss banks. The first one that will offer Apple Pay, will get me as a new client. And I am pretty sure many people will fo…″

From @zufrieden — Aug 28, 2018

The Cult of the Complex · Complexity is good for convincing people they could not possibly do your job. Simplicity is good for everything else.

From @zufrieden — Aug 24, 2018

You may be interested to contribute @guillaumeberry :-P

From @zufrieden — Aug 21, 2018

@startupsauna Kiitos! You did an amazing work!″

From @zufrieden — Aug 21, 2018

RT @clagnut: Some excellent AI-related commentary and links from @adactio in this week’s @clearleft Clearletter:

From @zufrieden — Aug 17, 2018

RT @digitaldialogCH: What should be discussed at the 🇨🇭Internet Governance Forum in Bern? Submit your propositions until Aug 31 on https://…″

From @zufrieden — Aug 17, 2018

@matemaz Or tracking eyes to predict your personality 😱

From @zufrieden — Aug 17, 2018

RT @codepo8: Love the turn on bullshit button on - some very funny moments there. @brad_frost

From @zufrieden — Aug 15, 2018

@brad_frost Frontend Toolbox

From @zufrieden — Aug 08, 2018

RT @swissmiss: “You’re looking for three things in a person. Intelligence, energy, and integrity. … Everyone here has the intelligence an…″

From @zufrieden — Aug 05, 2018

RT @jasonfried: Instead of a hackathon, try a sleepathon. You’ll be better off.″

From @zufrieden — Aug 04, 2018

RT @LeoHickman: Historians will look back at page 9 of today’s Times with great interest. The combination of stories by @whippletom @emily…″

From @zufrieden — Aug 04, 2018

RT @thebestsophist: Show me your information architecture and I’ll draw your org chart. Show me your content model and I’ll tell you your…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 27, 2018

RT @jsconfeu: @pfrazee …and staying on topic: The Web was envisioned as an open platform for publishing & sharing information, but that vi…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 26, 2018

RT @antistatique: «Nous expliquons notre philosophie à qui veut bien l’entendre et la plupart des personnes la respecte. Nous ne voulons pa…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 26, 2018

RT @csswizardry: 📖 Getting to Know a Legacy Codebase. Tips and techniques to navigate your way around a sprawling project:…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 21, 2018


From @zufrieden — Jul 16, 2018

@Una Changing Screen Size″

From @zufrieden — Jul 12, 2018

RT @wesbos: A must requested @syntaxfm on design systems is now up!

From @zufrieden — Jul 12, 2018

Thank you boring designer

From @zufrieden — Jul 08, 2018

RT @Folletto: We design a simple system. Then we make it more complicated. More complicated. More complicated. Then someone else makes a ne…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 06, 2018

RT @randomvasilis: A rather unsaturated cyan rectangle on a rather unsaturated, very light cyan background. These colours were generated by…″

From @zufrieden — Jun 30, 2018

RT @jensimmons: I’m proud to show you the next in series of design tools — the Firefox Shape Path Editor. Take a look:…″

From @zufrieden — Jun 29, 2018

@bratwurstkomet 👍👌″

From @zufrieden — Jun 26, 2018

RT @ugmonk: Hey Apple, I fixed it.

From @zufrieden — Jun 22, 2018

RT @sandofsky: A web server that powers 38% of the Internet has 1,766 stars on GitHub. A library that adds color to your Node console has 3…″

From @zufrieden — Jun 17, 2018

RT @marcedwards: Please don’t tell me “premature optimisation” is bad. If you’re not careful, you can easily make decisions that can not be…″

From @zufrieden — Jun 09, 2018

RT @jdsteinbach: CSS is ‘different’ on purpose: it’s Resilient, Declarative, Contextual - when you understand this, it makes a huge impac…″

From @zufrieden — Jun 08, 2018

RT @davatron5000: 📝 New post: Telepresence

From @zufrieden — Jun 05, 2018

RT @EricHolthaus: The first peer-reviewed study of bitcoin’s energy consumption confirms our fears: Bitcoin’s energy consumption is growin…″

From @zufrieden — May 31, 2018

Wise words

From @zufrieden — May 30, 2018

RT @simonrob451: The robots are not quite ready to take over, says MIT’s @grok_ #PureAccelerate

From @zufrieden — May 24, 2018

Service Workers and PWA are available on iOS 11.3 Safari for 2 month now ;-) #PWGE″

From @zufrieden — May 24, 2018

“Surtout ne pas refaire son site” ▶️ les slides ici #PWGE″

From @zufrieden — May 24, 2018

RT @davemethvin: So DoubleClick is contacting the jQuery project to request that we certify we are GDPR compliant. 😁 If we don’t, nobody ca…″

From @zufrieden — May 19, 2018

RT @TrentWalton: Interesting—I’ve been using FF, and only now noticed the Chrome text-decoration-skip-ink default link treatment: https://t…″

From @zufrieden — May 12, 2018

RT @mrdoob: A nice side effect of Chrome 66 breaking websites with audio is that the bug discussion has turned into a great list of lovely…″

From @zufrieden — May 09, 2018


From @zufrieden — May 04, 2018

RT @w3c_wai: A whole new look, improved usability, and updated content – the #W3C #WAI website redesign beta is updated and ready for you t…″

From @zufrieden — May 03, 2018

RT @the_T_bot: I’ve been experimenting with clickbaity pull request headlines at work. CTR’s gone Though. The. Roof!!!…″

From @zufrieden — May 02, 2018

RT @kvlly: git commit -m fixed flickering

From @zufrieden — Apr 30, 2018

RT @mulegirl: “Design Sprints Are Snake Oil” — @mulegirl

From @zufrieden — Apr 27, 2018

RT @craigjcalhoun: Rumor and political manipulation are the matches, Facebook is extra wind to spread the flames. Where Countries Are Tind…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 22, 2018

RT @andrestaltz: Just made some slides about how @BeakerBrowser is the frontend developer’s dream browser Enjoy!″

From @zufrieden — Apr 02, 2018

RT @year_progress: ▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░ 25%″

From @zufrieden — Apr 02, 2018

RT @viljamis: Posted Vue Design System to Product Hunt

From @zufrieden — Mar 18, 2018

RT @theCinCSSbot: the C in CSS stands for cardboard″

From @zufrieden — Mar 12, 2018

RT @ixdconf: #Video Designing for the next billion people by Paulami Roychoudhury (@plmrc) #EmergingEconomies #Meso…″

From @zufrieden — Mar 05, 2018

RT @thomasfuchs: State of AI in 2018 Amazon: “You have bought a blender. Here, you definitely need 5 more blenders.” eBay: “You’re sellin…″

From @zufrieden — Feb 17, 2018

RT @ixdconf: Bienvenue à Lyon tout le monde. Let’s get this party started! #IxD18

From @zufrieden — Feb 05, 2018

RT @antistatique: Le programme de @PerformanceWeb_ est en ligne avec @zufrieden et son talk «Surtout ne pas refaire son site»…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 22, 2018

RT @gillesdemarty: Who will get the last 2 tickets for #ixd18 ? #almostsoldout″

From @zufrieden — Jan 19, 2018

RT @iA: Web Trend Map 2018 (Don’t get too excited):

From @zufrieden — Jan 15, 2018

RT @ixdconf: Six keynote speakers from different countries, backgrounds, cultures - all on the same stage! The magic is happening in Lyon i…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 08, 2018

RT @antistatique: Oyez développeurs #php, rendez-vous pour notre prochain #meetup WordPress, beyond blogging à @eikon_fribourg le 29 novemb…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 14, 2017

RT @ixdconf: #Workshop Designing Art and Education into emerging Circular Economies: Can hacking, reprogramming, and repurposing be leverag…″

From @zufrieden — Nov 08, 2017

Progressive Web App is so great it will prevent baby from crying. great talk by @patrickkettner @cssdayconf #PWA″

From @zufrieden — Nov 05, 2017

RT @RWD: “8 brands. 350+ websites. 1 design system.” @yeseniaa’s slides on “Building Flexible Design Systems”:

From @zufrieden — Nov 04, 2017

RT @viljamis: So… We’ve been thinking about organizing a Design Systems conf in Helsinki. Would you be interested and who’d you like to see…″

From @zufrieden — Oct 31, 2017

RT @year_progress: ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░ 82%″

From @zufrieden — Oct 27, 2017

@bratwurstkomet So true :-)″

From @zufrieden — Oct 26, 2017