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RT @aj20000: @redblobgames @jonikorpi It would be ironic if Moore’s Law ended and the result was faster software″

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RT @iamdevloper: give it a REST…

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RT @googlesearchc: We’re announcing that page experience ranking signals for Google Search will launch in May 2021. This will combine Core…″

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RT @flarup: Big Sur is out and with it a manifestation of this shift in visual design I’ve been so vocal about all these years. Been coming…″

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@Folletto It keeps me away. Works fine as a reminder everytime I’m tempted.″

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RT @ziobrando: This is so beautiful! Design is about clarity of communication …metro maps have been one of the…″

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RT @lowtechlab: Le Low-tech Lab lance son site internet low-tech 💻🌱 ➡️ Pour en savoir plus :…″

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@brad_frost 💌″

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RT @mikeabbink: Listen.

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RT @iamdevloper: 10 Ways Reactjs Can Speed Up Your Boring HTML Website A thread 🧵 👇″

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RT @DT_comic: Old Strip! Creative Dissection Join me on Instagram! #DesignThinking #DesignThinkingComic https://t.…″

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RT @yuanchuan23: Wrote a command line tool for creating new pen from local files quickly. Maybe it will be helpful to someone else too. @Co…″

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RT @LeBenLeBen: Firefox usage is down 85% despite Mozilla’s top exec pay going up 400%

From @zufrieden — Sep 26, 2020

RT @MichelleBee: Looking for a way to limit screen time?

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RT @rachelandrew: Being a webdev used to mean never having to wait around for code to compile. We seems to have fixed that with npm and SSG…″

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RT @smashingmag: 🎉 Meet our new online workshops in Sep–Nov 🥳 🎈SVG Animation with @cassiecodes ⛳ Web Performance @csswizardry 😮 Designi…″

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RT @schoeyfield: I am listening to @UserDefenders with @jmspool. There is a rhetorical question I like: should coders design? He makes t…″

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RT @panic: 🌌 Nova is here! Our brand new code editor. Packed with features. Built for modern workflows. Lightning fast. Stylish. With a rob…″

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RT @antistatique: #usertest Vous aimez donné votre avis ? 💬 Participez à notre session de tests utilisateurs en ligne ! 🥳 Ça nous aide 💪 et…″

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RT @captbaritone: Finally ready to share the Winamp Skin Museum Infinite scroll through 65k Winamp skins with ins…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 04, 2020

RT @Una: 🔥 content-visibility is landing in Chromium 85! This CSS prop gives you some serious perf gains by skipping layout, style, and…″

From @zufrieden — Aug 06, 2020

RT @berkun: 1. One of my big memories from design school was when the prof (Dan Boyarski) told us to start our big project not by sketching…″

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RT @Wattenberger: I’m always using percents in CSS, but often have to stop and ask: % of what? hint: it’s probably not what you think.…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 30, 2020

RT @Clarity_conf: Here is @beep with “The World-Wide Work” #clarity2019

From @zufrieden — Jul 24, 2020

RT @antistatique: #Job Nous sommes à la recherche de notre futur Senior Designer pour nos bureaux en ville de Genève:…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 23, 2020

If you think that sounds like the web of 25 years ago, you’re right! Except the HEY front-end stack progressively enhances the “classic web” to work like the “2020 web,” with all the fidelity you’d expect from a well-built SPA. 😋

From @zufrieden — Jul 21, 2020

Linking URLs are extraordinary 🌍section updated 😋

From @zufrieden — Jul 19, 2020

Webwaste good to read this article. We can build a better Web. Focus on the important part. Thanks @alistapart

From @zufrieden — Jul 18, 2020

RT @thomasfuchs: Remember spacer.gif

From @zufrieden — Jul 16, 2020

RT @shadeed9: ✍️ The State Of Pixel Perfection I wrote about what pixel perfection is, and if it’s still relevant today or not with some t…″

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RT @iamdevloper: God grant me the confidence of the person who says they’re going to share their screen and doesn’t immediately ask if ever…″

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RT @jaffathecake: The history of the URL

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RT @aspergianer: Wenn die Gesellschaft meint, klar und deutlich zu kommunizieren (Symbolbild)

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RT @carax: Hello, Hyper! 👋 cc @geutstudio @hyperdivisiondk @BeakerBrowser

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RT @ScottWlaschin: @geekygirlsarah The UK government has good advice on how to build a site without JS, and they follow their own advice!👍…″

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RT @BeakerBrowser: The Beaker 1.0 Beta is here! New p2p protocol, new editing tools, new Web APIs, and a lot more. Try it out! https://t.c…″

From @zufrieden — May 14, 2020

RT @Pinboard: I think Bruce Schneier used this analogy: on the Internet, we are all peasants in 14th century Europe whose one hope for safe…″

From @zufrieden — May 08, 2020

Which emoji scissors close ? ✂️ ✂︎ ✁″

From @zufrieden — May 02, 2020

RT @brunoborges: #JSON - Allows shitty formatting - No comments - Poor schema support - Poor IDE support #YAML - Formatting’s like shitty…″

From @zufrieden — May 02, 2020

Left to our own devices. — Your website’s only as strong as the weakest device you’ve tested it on.

From @zufrieden — Apr 30, 2020

RT @demescope: The revolution will not be televised, will be live. Today Milan has started the implementation of the #StradeAperte #Op…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 30, 2020

RT @mathias: 💡 In source code, stop using the old rgb()/hsl() CSS color syntax with commas. Get used to the modern comma-free CSS color sy…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 25, 2020

RT @zeldman: “To make sense of this journey — from a company’s cautious exploration of remote possibilities to a fully realized distributed…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 24, 2020

RT @gbaudoin: @init7 (AS13030), does NOT implement BGP safely. Check out to see if your ISP implements BGP in a sa…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 18, 2020

RT @CodePen: When you can’t decide… by Paulina Hetman

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Smashing Podcast with Laura Kalbag: What Is Online Privacy? Thank you @LauraKalbag and @smashingmag ! Great content here!

From @zufrieden — Apr 11, 2020

RT @chrismunns: Unpopular opinion: Less live streaming, more long form writing. Please.″

From @zufrieden — Apr 11, 2020

@meyerweb All right, let’s be CSS naked then today - (uses of emoji add some colour 🖌️)″

From @zufrieden — Apr 09, 2020

RT @adactio: I very much hope that Safari devs will be reasonable and not go ahead with the drastic hobbling of service workers that they’r…″

From @zufrieden — Mar 27, 2020

RT @candicodeit: Need something to read? Free books online The Elements of Content Strategy @kissane HTML5 for We…″

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#avecvousehnv bravo !″

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@meyerweb Thank you @meyerweb for this post! It helped!″

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RT @MaximeEuziere: The reckless, infinite scope of web browsers -

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RT @g33konaut: 🤔 You know what? Let’s do a virtual hangout where we can talk about #JavaScript #SEO on Wednesday. 📺 I will add the link to…″

From @zufrieden — Mar 16, 2020

“And then we’ll find the right technology to solve all the problems we created with technology” Good to re-watch @reichenstein talk about Information ↔ Entropy -

From @zufrieden — Mar 02, 2020

Your monthly design digest from @antistatique worth subscribing to. DON’T PANIC just arrived in my inbox Subscribe here

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RT @iA: “People currently think of text as information to be consumed. I want text to be used as an environment to think in.”…″

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RT @antistatique: #SEO « De 0 à 3 millions de visites par an » voici notre retour suite au #meetup de @BriodF de chez @Monito -> https://t.…″

From @zufrieden — Feb 27, 2020

RT @adactio: @jensimmons It would be disastrous (and counterproductive).

From @zufrieden — Feb 21, 2020

@gaelhurlimann Je me souviens du débat de l’image hero en dessus/en dessous du titre pour faciliter le flux de lecture. Du coup avoir le chapeau en dessus de la cover permet de plonger suffisamment dans le contenu pour accepter la pause visuelle. #améliorationsContinues 🙌″

From @zufrieden — Feb 18, 2020

Nous cherchons des développeurs web passionnés (front et back) ! Rejoignez @antistatique ! #job #webdev #web #frontend #backend″

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Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards. – Aldous Huxley Nice introduction from Dense Discovery newsletter this morning

From @zufrieden — Oct 15, 2019

@icculus @jonikorpi So easily we forget the past … #openplatforms″

From @zufrieden — Oct 11, 2019

RT @twisteddoodles: #MondayMotivation #unicorn

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RT @SimonPerdrisat: A good friend is looking for a new flat in #Zurich. Perhaps twitter can increase her probability to actually find one.…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 24, 2019

RT @jattali: Le propre de l’homme est d’élaborer des théories et d’y croire jusqu’à ce qu’elles se révèlent des illusions. Une seule résist…″

From @zufrieden — Sep 20, 2019

RT @mrmrs_: 4 thousand words about color

From @zufrieden — Sep 16, 2019

RT @MrAlanCooper: Design systems are really helpful to designers and product managers. Are they really helpful to users? Who gives a shit.″

From @zufrieden — Sep 15, 2019

RT @theCinCSSbot: the C in CSS stands for charming″

From @zufrieden — Sep 08, 2019

🚨 @antistatique recrute! Un coup d’oeil aux postes ouverts 👉 Merci pour les RT 😘″

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RT @theCinCSSbot: the C in CSS stands for celebrate″

From @zufrieden — Jul 20, 2019

RT @TatianaTMac: I’ve started telling JS devs that semantic html elements are preloaded microframeworks that ship you accessibility and per…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 19, 2019

RT @mrmrs_: Pretty good Friday morning read

From @zufrieden — Jul 19, 2019

RT @briankardell: If you’d like to learn more about this history and why this is important see:

From @zufrieden — Jul 17, 2019

RT @ppk: How to explain the cascade in a short paragraph. CSS is a cascading styling language. The cascading part means that many CSS dec…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 17, 2019

RT @herval: Freakin cool project!

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RT @antistatique: DON’T PANIC 🔟is out! With @benjamineevans’ inclusive design podcast, a study by @TBFessenden on how people look at screen…″

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RT @antistatique: Envie de donner votre avis ? Participez à nos tests utilisateurs ! CHF 30.- pour 45 minutes de votre temps! 😁😁😁👉https://t…″

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@Veronica Lausanne : peaceful lake and mountains (fun to see tweet replies ordered by timezone)″

From @zufrieden — Jul 07, 2019

Great article! Thanks for sharing! Embracing chaos and accepting to lose control (which we already lost anyway).

From @zufrieden — Jul 03, 2019

RT @webmardi: New to the #Web or ready to go on a trip to Nostalgia Island ? Join us tonight to explore the #Web, its history and inheritag…″

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RT @samthor: This list got longer than IExpected: 🤔

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RT @webmardi: Join us on July 2nd @Antistatique in #Lausanne ! We will talk about the #Web and how to build a resilient inheritage out of i…″

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RT @theCinCSSbot: the C in CSS stands for cat″

From @zufrieden — Jun 04, 2019

RT @csswizardry: ‘Is my site slow for you?’ ‘No, it loads in under a minute.’ The first two Ws stand for World Wide. This was a stark remin…″

From @zufrieden — May 08, 2019

RT @heydonworks: This problem was solved in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee.

From @zufrieden — May 05, 2019

RT @washingtonpost: Every one of these climate change stories deserves to be a magazine cover story. So, we made an issue entirely of cove…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 22, 2019

RT @shirleyalmosni: #thread Quelques tendances en recrutement IT que je peux constater depuis que je suis à mon compte (rencontres/ discus…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 14, 2019

RT @janl: 90% of all projects ever won’t need any of this complexity. Yet it is advocated and used as the baseline for any sort of new proj…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 05, 2019

RT @davidbrunelle: Apparently many of the bad practices we see in our workplaces were literally documented by the CIA, in 1944, as ways t…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 04, 2019

RT @codepo8: Pulling a @sonniesedge in my next talk

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Nous aimons tester nos réalisations, donnez-nous votre avis en participant à notre session de tests utilisateurs du mois de mars ! 💰 30CHF pour ⏱ 45 minutes de votre temps. 👉

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RT @year_progress: ▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 15%″

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RT @thomasfuchs: It’s a weird dichotomy: the more capable underlying web tech gets (CSS features, HTML canvas, etc.) the more larger and mo…″

From @zufrieden — Feb 15, 2019

RT @GaryPendergast: Wrong. The ONLY way you should organise CSS properties is like a Christmas Tree.…″

From @zufrieden — Feb 08, 2019

RT @garybernhardt: Who cares if everything is so complex that no one understands how anything works? Who cares if hardware keeps getting fa…″

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