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RT @AllThingsSmitty: 🔥 TIL a #CSS trick to handle that annoying mobile viewport bug with 100vh in WebKit (iOS Safari)! #WebDev #ProTip ht…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 23, 2021

RT @codepo8: 👉🏼 “What is RSS (Really Simple Syndication)?” 🔗 100% agreed. Bring back the data w/o the psyop ads.″

From @zufrieden — Jul 22, 2021

RT @cathy_dutton: My ramblings on building websites for the last 10 years + Designing for the Unexpected via @alis…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 18, 2021

RT @iamdevloper: Estimating bug fixes: this could take 2 minutes or 2 weeks, hard to tell″

From @zufrieden — Jul 16, 2021

RT @GretaThunberg: Let’s be clear — what you are doing is not about climate action or responding to an emergency. It never was. This is co…″

From @zufrieden — Jul 03, 2021

@kidvaldez Qui aurait crû 😋″

From @zufrieden — Jul 02, 2021

RT @ChrisFerdinandi: Frameworks do more harm than good and have made the web worse

From @zufrieden — Jul 02, 2021

RT @jason_kint: If you’re still using Chrome, Google’s announcement today shows it’s not actually a user agent. It’s optimized as a surveil…″

From @zufrieden — Jun 25, 2021

RT @antistatique: Demain nous serons à @blendwebmix à #Lyon avec Tiphaine, Sedona, Sasha et Mélanie ! #BlendWebMix″

From @zufrieden — Jun 13, 2021

@MaisOuVaLeWeb Et c’est mal parti pour le moment 😔″

From @zufrieden — Jun 13, 2021

RT @antistatique: « Ne surtout pas refaire son site ! » …et c’est @zufrieden qui le dit. Inscrivez-vous pour y part…″

From @zufrieden — Jun 10, 2021

RT @SaraSoueidan: A real-world performance comparison between #CSS and CSS-in-JS — TLDR: Don’t use runtime CSS-i…″

From @zufrieden — Jun 10, 2021

@SaraSoueidan Remembering <FRAMESET> ☺️″

From @zufrieden — Jun 09, 2021

@LeTemps @kidvaldez Critiquer le QR code est comme critiquer l’URL. Le problème vient de la ressource accédée pas du protocole. Et oui mieux on comprend la technologie, plus on est critique dans son utilisation abusive.″

From @zufrieden — Jun 06, 2021

RT @grescoe: A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation.…″

From @zufrieden — Jun 04, 2021

RT @neilsardesai: Lol imagine if files and folders got heavier the bigger they get

From @zufrieden — May 29, 2021

Design follow copy follow function″

From @zufrieden — May 28, 2021

RT @CSS__Cafe: The links from today’s meetup:

From @zufrieden — May 28, 2021

RT @piccalilli_: I’m using this today on a client project, so thought I’d re-share. You can use the &lt;picture&gt; element as a progressive e…″

From @zufrieden — May 24, 2021

RT @NotionHQ: 🚧 Notion’s API is now in public beta 🚧 It’s the first step towards a brand new set of building blocks, so that you can tailo…″

From @zufrieden — May 13, 2021

RT @YouTube: For #InternationalNursesDay, watch @GurdeepPandher give nurses a little love through dance. 🕺🏽 → https…″

From @zufrieden — May 12, 2021

RT @mcarterj: @Thomasorus @heydonworks I got frustrated and wrote a bit about this a while back 😅

From @zufrieden — May 09, 2021

@SimonPerdrisat @BAG_OFSP_UFSP 🤔″

From @zufrieden — May 07, 2021

“You can present your ideas as if you are right, but you should listen as if you are wrong”″

From @zufrieden — May 07, 2021

RT @brucel: Here at Brucecamp, business and politics don’t mix. Our Thought Leadership blogpost.″

From @zufrieden — May 01, 2021

RT @jh3yy: 3D CSS Peter’s Blinds 😅 Fixed them! What was all the fuss about? 😂⚒️ This demo uses zero JavaScript 😮 How’s it interactive th…″

From @zufrieden — May 01, 2021

RT @cydharrell: simplest definition of digital transformation is the delta between what you think it takes to have a nice website & what it…″

From @zufrieden — May 01, 2021

RT @HenrikJoreteg: If you care about the Web and read nothing else today/this weekend please let it be this: If…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 30, 2021

RT @heydonworks: If you are looking for a fun way to end your Friday, I can’t help you. BUT! I did just release the latest Webbed Brief epi…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 30, 2021

behavioral profiling and targeted advertisement is not compatible with a privacy-respecting web. Google abusing its monopoly position. - Adactio: Journal—Get the FLoC out

From @zufrieden — Apr 25, 2021

RT @heydonworks: The best thing about JavaScript web apps is the IMMEDIACY I say, as I watch a progress indicator slowly slice its way ac…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 25, 2021

RT @Rebootevent2021: 📣 Lancement de Reboot! : l’événement étudiant de la communication responsable ➡ Gratuit & en ligne 🗓 30 septembre…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 23, 2021


From @zufrieden — Apr 23, 2021

@dhh Thank you! And thank you for keeping it online too.″

From @zufrieden — Apr 23, 2021

RT @Pathfinder: A scannable QR code advertisement created by drones above the skies of Shanghai. Beautiful.

From @zufrieden — Apr 18, 2021


From @zufrieden — Apr 17, 2021

RT @getkirby: We have a new website: 🎉″

From @zufrieden — Apr 16, 2021

RT @m_ott: As a user, you can switch to a privacy-respecting browser. As a website owner who truly respects their users’ privacy, here i…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 16, 2021

RT @cabel: i miss spacer.gif″

From @zufrieden — Apr 15, 2021

RT @kottke: This is a really great website and you should see it. (via @craigmod)

From @zufrieden — Apr 14, 2021

“how well does it fail?” Not “how well does it work?” don’t come with a binary proposition. Web core values explained with its layers - a talk by @adactio worth your time

From @zufrieden — Apr 14, 2021

RT @tomfishburne: “Advertising without Cookies” - new cartoon and post on privacy and the end of third-party cookies…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 12, 2021

RT @francoisz: Introducing, the carbon footprint estimator for websites - and it’s free! A key milestone towards Di…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 12, 2021

RT @codepo8: My current HTML boilerplate by @mmatuzo - some really sensible bits in there.″

From @zufrieden — Apr 09, 2021

RT @bruno_simon: Last day to find the eggs and get a 30% discount for! There are 11 codes left and one of the eggs…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 07, 2021

RT @antirez: I look at the web today. Not as a programmer, but as a user of broken sites that are unable to obey the most basic rules of na…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 03, 2021

RT @pixeldetracking: A switch has silently been flipped in millions of instances of Google Chrome: those browsers will begin sorting their…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 03, 2021

RT @SunniBrown: From @waitbutwhy We think a lot about those black lines, forgetting that it’s all still in our hands.…″

From @zufrieden — Apr 02, 2021

RT @twisteddoodles: #AprilFoolsDay

From @zufrieden — Apr 01, 2021

Adactio: Journal—The principle of most availability There is no shopkeeper for the World Wide Web.

From @zufrieden — Apr 01, 2021

@SimonPerdrisat @firefox Simply put cookies beside pop-ups on the marketing-ads abused web technologies shelf. Browsers may well implement a block-cookies as they did for pop-ups.″

From @zufrieden — Mar 29, 2021

There’s no such thing as a website or web app that doesn’t need to be accessible #A11y″

From @zufrieden — Mar 26, 2021

RT @SaraSoueidan: pages with high Page Experience scores are eligible to be in the featured top news carousel. This effectively means that…″

From @zufrieden — Mar 26, 2021

RT @vickytnz: Designers: DON’T USE LOREM IPSUM! Particularly for content-first services like government. Here I give you two better options…″

From @zufrieden — Mar 11, 2021

RT @TrentWalton: MARK! A variable Proxima! 😍

From @zufrieden — Mar 01, 2021

@lionelrudaz Yep 2 clean install plus tard et j’ai toujours le problème. Seule solution, brancher l’écran avant d’ouvrir une session.″

From @zufrieden — Feb 26, 2021

@lionelrudaz Same here 😩″

From @zufrieden — Feb 26, 2021

RT @SortaBad: Nerd Immunity

From @zufrieden — Feb 26, 2021

RT @iiiitsandrea: OMFG! 🙌🏽💕🔥 this website recreates an entire bar atmosphere, you can tailor loudness of: —bartend…″

From @zufrieden — Feb 25, 2021

RT @WebDesignMuseum: Apple website in 2001 in Netscape 6.0. #Apple #InternetHistory

From @zufrieden — Feb 25, 2021

Use CSS Variables instead of React Context | embrace standard when it become available 😋

From @zufrieden — Feb 24, 2021

RT @webmardi: Next @webmardi 💙 event, we will accessible to designers, motion designers, front-end developers, and anyone who’s interested…″

From @zufrieden — Feb 19, 2021

“The web didn’t change; you did” Nice read by @rem about today’s web

From @zufrieden — Feb 17, 2021

The basic layout is not a broken layout } Bis #progressive_enhancement is not dead ! Merci @heydonworks

From @zufrieden — Feb 14, 2021

RT @stevekrenzel: Being a principal engineer means just trying to get everyone to choose more boring technology choices.″

From @zufrieden — Feb 14, 2021

RT @WhyArentUCoding: Meeting.

From @zufrieden — Feb 12, 2021

@dhh We fought hard against Microsoft when they wanted to launch Windows Palladium. But we let Apple do the same strategy without any problem.

From @zufrieden — Feb 12, 2021

This “access to everyone to create” is key to the web DNA 👌

From @zufrieden — Feb 06, 2021

RT @HenriHelvetica: 📣 QUIC announcement: I’m starting a speaker series called C000000DE (pronounced ‘code’), featuring great black speakers…″

From @zufrieden — Feb 05, 2021

RT @codepo8: 🚨 📕 Update to the Developer Advocacy handbook - the Know and use the social web chapter is live:

From @zufrieden — Feb 05, 2021

RT @NT_polylogue: Tim Cook May Have Just Ended Facebook

From @zufrieden — Jan 31, 2021

RT @twisteddoodles: Trying to read in lockdown

From @zufrieden — Jan 31, 2021

RT @thomasfuchs: That is not correct, the web has always been more than that—the whole reason for it to exist stems from limitations with p…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 30, 2021

RT @piccalilli_: 📣 New article: CSS Frameworks, hype and dogmatism Some notes on the dogmatism and gatekeeping themes of Tech Twitter and…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 30, 2021

Everyone has JavaScript, right? No and your website has to work without it. Period.

From @zufrieden — Jan 29, 2021

RT @webmardi: Join our next @webmardi 💙 event, we will learn how @Sulu Symfony CMS and its advanced content & data-management features for…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 29, 2021

RT @antistatique: “ Sàrl c’est fini ! Vive la suite” le sujet de notre dernière newsletter. Meilleur taux d’ouvertur…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 29, 2021

RT @mgechev: You can set your cursor to an emoji using an inline SVG in CSS #uselessfuntips #unicorncss

From @zufrieden — Jan 27, 2021

RT @antistatique: DONTPANIC #25 is out! 🥳 We have: Ice breakers with @MiroHQ 🥶❄️, a great article by Jovan Rocanov on the different persona…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 27, 2021

RT @sethvargo: Hey

From @zufrieden — Jan 24, 2021

CSS scroll-timeline 🙌 coming soon to your browser!

From @zufrieden — Jan 24, 2021

RT @cariefisher: hot off the press…the first public draft of WCAG 3.0 🤯 how is it different from 2.0 you ask? - uses plain language - us…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 22, 2021

RT @wesbos: scoring super well on lighthouse, has dark mode and font size selector h8ers gonna be mad that it’s wo…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 20, 2021

RT @heydonworks: Someone (not me) has written a romance novel about tailwind.css

From @zufrieden — Jan 20, 2021

RT @jmspool: MVPs have two meanings:

  1. Create something that produces the most learning from the least effort.
  2. Ship something crappy…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 18, 2021

RT @iamjoyheron: I’ve created a website collecting some tips and tricks that I always use to create web applications which are both respons…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 15, 2021

RT @MatthewRayfield: 🌛 i’m gettin back to the POPUP window experiments !.. 🌻 this one is POPUP MATRYOSHKA 🪆 ( popup experiment #5 ) i hop…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 11, 2021

RT @jensimmons: Safari Technical Preview 118 is out… My new favorite CSS property on this list. 🥳🤩👏 ASPECT-RATIO…″

From @zufrieden — Jan 07, 2021

RT @ahmetasabanci: [New blog post] RSS is not dead?

From @zufrieden — Dec 30, 2020

RT @addyosmani: Tip: CSS min() and max() accept a list of values and browsers use the smallest or largest value as the actual value. Help…″

From @zufrieden — Dec 27, 2020

RT @florianherrengt: Google servers are down and we can’t do anything anymore. No emails, no docs, some can’t even turn on their lights. It…″

From @zufrieden — Dec 24, 2020

RT @atomic_variable: Finally, after a long time, I and @sandhya_subram pushed ourselves to do this 3D flip design for our monthly collab :)…″

From @zufrieden — Dec 20, 2020

@SeanBlanda Hugo with 👌″

From @zufrieden — Dec 19, 2020

RT @shreyas: First-time founders, CEOs, and even employees should understand the playbook of the Incompetent Leader (IL). The IL is savvy…″

From @zufrieden — Dec 18, 2020

RT @jmspool: Dashboards are often what customers ask for. They are rarely what customers need. If you’re building a dashboard, it’s likel…″

From @zufrieden — Dec 18, 2020

JS-in-CSS 🤗

From @zufrieden — Dec 07, 2020

RT @destroytoday: Considering the number of dependencies that go into running a web app, it’s a miracle that the web runs at all.″

From @zufrieden — Dec 06, 2020

RT @zeldman: In Tokyo, Sydney, and Paris, it’s Nov 30. Happy #BlueBeanieDay! #webstandards #a11y

From @zufrieden — Nov 30, 2020

RT @jaffathecake: We don’t have any non-JavaScript users No, all your users are non-JS while they’re downloading your JS″

From @zufrieden — Nov 30, 2020

RT @heydonworks: I’ve redesigned my site. What do you think?

From @zufrieden — Nov 28, 2020